Spot Reservation: Dedicated Pop-up Software Edition


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Get the opportunity to promote any product from your store through our Pop-up system. Your pop-up box will include a picture, description, and a link straight to your offer.

Reach everyone browsing Kinguin at any time!

160.00199.00 Inc. Vat

This includes:

  • Secure an exclusive spot in our 24h pop-up.
  • Select the most promising product to highlight with the assistance of your Sales Advisor.
  • Present your offer in an eye-catching and engaging way.
  • Analyze and optimize with a report about reach and sales statistics.


After a successful payment, our staff will contact you via the email you specified in your profile in order to prepare the launch of your campaign.

Additional Information & Restrictions:

  1. Product reservation is possible only for 1 month ahead. *
  2. Reservation cannot be made for two consecutive months.
  3. No reservation “for future” can be made, if you purchase service in November, you cannot reserve dates for January.
  4. You can choose a date for the pop-up, it is possible, however, that our team might move the date to avoid interference with our campaigns.
  5. Pop-up will appear on the content-relevant page, i.e. software pop-up will appear on software-related subpages.


*In case of no reservation from other buyers extension for a second consecutive month is possible.


Kinguin reserves the right to not process the purchase under certain circumstances.

Subscription Time

24h, 48h