Kinguin Seller Protection

Protection from fraud losses, steady income, peace of mind – grant yourself the safety against payment scams and protect your profits!

Price per sold (protected) key.

0.09 Inc. Vat

Kinguin Seller Protection is meant to ensure that your sales are rock solid and you need not worry about any losses caused by chargebacks or unauthorised claims by the customers. You can activate the program either on your entire account or specifically for your chosen products, which may be especially useful for you in order to secure hot releases or expensive goods.

The service is activated per your request for a quarterly period (e.g. from 1 January 2021 to 1 April 2021 ) and prolonged to the next quarter automatically unless you cancel the subscription. The cost of the service is simple – €0.09 for each sold key that is protected, which makes a marginal difference for your buyers, but grants the peace of mind for you that all your profits will be safe & secure. If a chargeback or unauthorised claim is reported on the transaction associated with a key that is under Kinguin Seller Protection, we will cover for it and still grant you the payout for the protected key as if the reversal never happened. The service does not work backwards in time – only keys sold during active KSP are being protected.

Any B2B orders paid for using in-store eurBalance are exempt from the KSP service (no charge for those keys will be applied and no protection is granted).

While the Kinguin Seller Protection is active, you may request a free monthly Fraudulent Payments Report.


Kinguin Seller Protection allows for the coverage of a total payout lost due to frauds no larger than €5000/month.


Charging for the service (€0.09 per sold key) is done after each monthly subscription period.


Kinguin reserves the right to invalidate the Kinguin Seller Protection in case of deliberate abuse, tampering and/or other illicit use of the service.


Discount coupons do not alter the cost of this service.


The desired protected products need to have an average total sales volume of at least 250 keys per month.


The cost of the service may be altered (with prior notice before the start of the next subscription period) depending on the level of risk of the protected products and other factors affecting fraud management.