Homepage & Landing Page Campaign


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Have the Kinguin homepage and dedicated landing page all to yourself!

499.00 999.00 Inc. Vat

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Kinguin offers you the opportunity to create your own unique campaign. This includes:

  • Campaign duration of 48 hours;
  • Creation of unique graphics;
  • Promotion on Homepage BIG BANNER;
  • Assistance in the selection of games and their presentation in an attractive way on a landing page;
  • Regular update of the page during the campaign, products positions, adding new products during the campaign;
  • After the end of the campaign, you will receive complete statistics on: page traffic, sales, visitors country, conversion rate.


After a successful payment, our staff will contact you via the specified email in your profile in order to clarify details about the campaign.


Each campaign has to be planned at least 5 days in advance.


This offer is not valid for software.


The requested graphics cannot contain company logos, watermarks and links redirecting to sites outside Kinguin.


Kinguin reserves the right not to provide free positions 3 days before, during and after the release date of a game.