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Your selected offer will be exposed only to those who proceed to their cart page.

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Use the best upselling tool on Kinguin. Your exclusive offer will be highlighted for every customer who makes a purchase on Kinguin.

  • You rent a slot in the Now Or Never module.
  • 3 slots available daily. 3 products can be highlighted simultaneously!*
  • Guaranteed exposure.
  • The highlight will last for 24 hours.

After a successful payment, our staff will contact you via the specified email in your profile in order to clarify details about the campaign.

*Each offer must be from a different category.


Additional Information & Restrictions:

  1. Product reservation is possible only for 1 month ahead. *
  2. Reservation cannot be made for two consecutive months.
  3. No reservation “for future” can be made, if you purchase service in November, you cannot reserve dates for January.

*In case of no reservation from other buyers extension for a second consecutive month is possible.

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Each campaign will be activated within 48h.


Kinguin reserves the right not to provide the service under specific circumstances.


Merchant can reserve only one slot in 24 h.