Ninja Packs – a pro-consumer tool for brand promotion

Ninja Packs are a low-cost, or even cost-free, way to introduce new gamers to your brand. They are bundles of random game-related items provided by our partners from the gaming industry. Ninja Packs are free and can be claimed only with Ninja Krowns — the loyalty currency of the marketplace. Our partners themselves decide what kind of contents (digital or physical) they wish to include in Ninja Packs. They may contain starters for online games, in-game currencies, downloadable contents, or even gaming gadgets such as clothes or keyboards. Gamers who get a Ninja Pack will reveal its contents, which then can be redeemed or shredded for bonus Ninja Krowns. Shredded items return to the pool and are included in another Ninja Pack.

By participating in Ninja Packs, you will introduce new fans to your brand by helping them enhance their gaming or discover new titles. We hope that you will join us in this pro-consumer initialtive. Grow your awareness by providing video game fans a new, exciting and accessible experience.

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