Kinguin Krowns Ambassador Program

Kinguin Krowns (KRS) is the native cryptocurrency in Kinguin’s ecosystem. It can be used to buy/sell products on Kinguin as well as trade with others within the Kinguin community.

KRS is also listed and traded on the P2Pb2b cryptocurrency exchange. Kinguin plans to increase the number of exchanges that KRS will be listed and traded on to increase its liquidity. To check the price and trading status of KRS, please refer to this link

The price and volume of KRS has been steadily increasing at the P2Pb2b exchange. To further facilitate promoting and growing our KRS ecosystem, Kinguin has launched the Kinguin Krowns Ambassador Program.

We are looking for individuals who have a keen interest in cryptocurrency or are confident in the business of Kinguin. These Krowns Ambassadors will be entrusted to spread the awareness of KRS as well as Kinguin.

The shortlisted candidates will be part of the Kinguin family, where we will share with them the latest and upcoming company plans, progress, and other internal information. Furthermore, attractive benefits await the selected Krowns Ambassadors!

Perks include:

  • Travel to different parts of the world to events that create KRS awareness, 
  • Chances to attend international esports events with free backstage and VIP passes, 
  • Exclusively discounted or free new games, 
  • Potential to earn significant commission and limited edition esports merchandise from leading esports teams around the world.

If you think that you fit the bill and would like to join our esports family, please register* your interest using the sign up form below:

*In order to apply for being an ambassador, you need first to create a Kinguin Account here

Learn more about Krowns (KRS)