Tips to manage your account

Now that you have created your first campaigns and banners, you will start managing them. Being an Advertiser is not limited to create campaigns and banners but also learn from them and adjust your strategies.

Our tool brings you data that allows you to increase the performance and your revenues. Let see what you can learn from them how you should use them to give more value to your campaigns and banners. We will go through the two main tools: dashboard and analytics.

First of all, let see what those 5 icons allow you to do.

  1. “New advertiser”: you may not be the only one dealing with the advertisement of your offer. This button will enable you to create as many accounts as you want.
  2. “New campaign”: a shortcut button to create a new campaign. Be aware that this campaign will be created under the account that you are currently using.
  3. “Edit”: another shortcut to directly see all the settings on either your account, campaign or banner.
  4. “Refresh advertisers”: this button will allow you to refresh your settings, please note that if you did not save your modifications before clicking on this button, you will lose all the changes you have been doing.
  5. “Hide inactive advertisers”: this button will allow you to hide all the inactive advertisers which means advertisers that will not have any campaigns nor banners active at the moment.

Your dashboard

The dashboard is your by default landing page when you will log in to your advertiser account. It is the quickest way to get an overview of what happened and how your offers are performing. Just by knowing how to use your dashboard, you will already know the basics to be a good advertiser.

We created a dedicated article to go deeper into all the information concentrated in your dashboard. Click here to read it.

Your analytics

You have two ways of reaching your analytics data: in your dashboard as an overview of your analytics data, and a dedicated tab – Analytics where you can customize the information you want to collect.

We created a dedicated article to go deeper into all the information concentrated in your analytics tab. Click here to read it.