Quick Start – Level priority: account, campaign and banner

As you are exploring your new tool to be an Advertiser, you have probably seen that we have 3 levels of settings: Account, Campaign and Banner.

Each level has its own setting modules, some of them are in common but you always need to keep in mind the priority level. We will rank the priorities from 1 to 3 (1 being the highest priority and 3 the lowest).

The first rule you need to remember is that when features are shared, the priority is given to the account level, then the campaign level and finally the banner level.

If we take a concrete example, if one account is set to have a maximum daily budget of 10€, all campaigns and banners created by this account will not exceed a 10€ daily budget.

You can always adjust settings (targets, CPC price, duration…) for specific campaigns or banners, it will only work if you respect the settings of the higher levels.

Another example, you can not target Germany with a banner when your campaign is only targeting France and Spain.

Each time that your settings will not respect the higher restrictions, you will receive an error message and your campaign / banner will be paused.

So just remember, priority level is Account > Campaign > Banner.