Quick start – Everything you need to know

You decided to be an Advertiser on Kinguin.net, your journey is just about to start and we will be there for you all along.

Being an Advertiser on Kinguin opens new possibilities to be the first offer that millions of customers will see.

We are here to help you but you will be the main actor here, you will be the one putting your products on top of all the other ones.

  • Select the offers you want to promote,
  • Select where you want to promote them,
  • Select how much you want to spend on them.

A new tool that you can use to achieve your goals according to your requirements.

First steps into your new life as an Advertiser

1/ You will start by adding your budget on the Kinguin Business website. Once you will have prepaid your first advertisement budget you will get access to your own personal Advertiser space. (See the “Advertise on Kinguin” page) (Picture kinguin business website)

2/ You will receive your login and password to start your journey as an Advertiser. To jump into it, you will have to go to the “Advertisers” tab.

3/ Create as many campaigns as you want and add as many banners as you want. Once you will have created your first campaign, click on “add new Banner” >> “Non-standard Placement”.

4/ Name your first banner and request for a banner template. We will create your banner according to your placement, no need to worry about design.

5/ Select your banner placement (Homepage Main Banner, Homepage Bestsellers, Homepage Category or Homepage Product Listing).

Choose wisely the placement of your product between 4 different locations:

  • Homepage Main Banner (your offer will appear in of the image of the carousel – as of the second one)
  • Homepage Bestsellers (your offer will appear on one of the fours spots available)
  • Homepage Category
  • Homepage Product Listing

6/ Add your product name and your product url to set up the details that we will need to create your banner. Select your best product either your highest margin or a high demanded product.

7/ Once you will have saved your first banner. We will review it and come back to you before activation.

8/ In the meantime, you start adjusting your banner (targeting, pricing, limits). You have many things at your disposal to create your best banner and promote your offer.

  • Targeting: you have 3 different targeting options (country, day of week and language) and we highly suggest to let it global as Kinguin is a global marketplace where every gamer can buy games. In case of your offer has a region restriction, you can always use those targeting options to not show your offer in markets that can not use your game.
  • Pricing: the pricing type will always be CPC (cost per click) which means that you will be charged according to how many times the visitors will click on your banner. You can either decide to set a global CPC price for your banner, or create a different CPC price for specific countries (if you decide to put a CPC price per country, do not forget to add a global one, otherwise your banner will not be displayed to the other countries). Of course, you might not be the only one requesting to promote an offer on a special placement for those specific targets, in that scenario, the decider will be your CPC price. In other words, you will get more impressions if your CPC price is higher than the other Advertisers.
  • Limits: this is an advanced module to set up your banner configuration. You can select a period if you decide to limit the duration of your banner and decide to limit your daily budget up to certain amount. The even pacing option is here to divide your budget by the number of days of your banner, for example, if you have a 10€ budget for 5 days, your budget will not exceed 2€ per day.

One last thing before starting to set up your first banner, you need to always keep in mind that you have three levels of priority in your admin panel: Account, Campaign and Banner. (More details in this dedicated article)