How to use your dashboard

The dashboard tab will give you an overview of your actions as an Advertiser. It is updated every hour and is divided into three parts:

  • your summary from the last day (charges, eCPM* and impressions),
  • two charts that summarize your account activity (charges, eCPM and impressions),
  • a table “Today Analytics” where you can go deeper and see data from an account level until a banner level.

Summary: this is the quickest and easiest overview that you can get. A straight image of your activity on a account level. Charges from the clicks, eCPM and impressions are the three indicators displayed.

7 days Charges Trends: this chart will show you an historical of how much your account has been charged for the last 7 days. It gathers all the campaigns and all the banners. These amounts have been automatically taken from your budget.

Impressions and eCPM for the last 7 days: this chart is will compared the number of impressions that you got during the last 7 days with your eCPM (effective cost per mille).

Today Analytics: it is a easier version of what the Analytics tab can provide you. As its name, it show you data (impressions, clicks, charges, CTR*, eCPM) at different levels (account, campaign, banner).

*eCPM: “Effective Cost Per Mille” is an indicator that gives you the total cost generated by 1000 impressions. Yes you are charged per click but as your banner will be displayed on the website, we will provide you the average cost for 1000 impressions

*CTR: “Click-through rate”is a ratio of the number of clicks compared to the number of impressions.