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How it Works

1. Create a campaign

To create a Sponsored Products campaign, pick the products you want to advertise, set a budget of your choice, and choose your campaign duration.
We recommend a budget of €100 but you can start as low as €30, we also recommend running your campaign without an end date—that way, gamers can discover your products any time they shop on Kinguin. Then, choose between automatic or manual targeting to be able to bid on keywords and products. The automatic option is the easiest way to get started.

2. Gamers see your ad

Based on relevance and bid, ads are shown to gamers in high-visibility spots like homepage, product pages, product listing and emails.

When gamers click on your Sponsored Products ad, they are taken to your product detail page.

3. Measure success

Use our live reports to see for yourself the return you get for each euro spent. These insights will help you measure performance.

How much does it cost?

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click ads, meaning you pay only when your ad is clicked. You choose how much you want to spend for a click, you can update your daily budget at any time and you also choose your campaign budget. You can increase your budget at any time.

By default, advertising costs are deducted directly from your Kinguin merchant account balance once the order is made from the Advertising on Kinguin product.

There is no cost to create your Merchant account.